Michael Wessely

Postdoctoral Associate at HCI Engineering Group
CSAIL, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

email: me@michaelwessely.com
office: Room 32-208, 32 Vassar Street, Cambridge, MA, 02139, USA


Work Experience

01/2019 - 12/2020 Postdoctoral Associate at HCI Engineering Group, CSAIL, MIT, USA
03/2015 - 04/2015 Research Assistant at Embodied Interaction group
01/2015 - 10/2015 Research Assistant at Perception, Displays and Fabrication group
10/2013 - 03/2014 Research Assistant at Exploratory Data Analysis group


11/2015 - 12/2018 PhD student at INRIA, Université Paris Sud, France
Supervisors: Theophanis Tsandilas, Wendy Mackay
06/2017 Visiting Student at Hybrid Ecologies Lab, UC Berkeley
11/2012 - 03/2015 Visual Computing(MSc), Saarland University
01/2010 - 10/2012 Computer Science(MSc), Saarland University
10/2005 - 12/2009 Computer Science(BSc), Saarland University

Program Committee


Organizing Committee

ACM UIST'19: Publicity Chair
ACM UIST'18: Publicity Chair


ACM CHI ('17,'18,'19,'20), ACM UIST ('17,'18,'19), ACM TEI ('18,'19,'20), ACM NordiCHI'18,
ACM MobileHCI'19, ACM SUI'18, ACM Siggraph Asia'18, ACM IMWUT'20

Awards and Research Grants

2020 Best Paper Honorable Mention, ACM CHI
2019 Best Talk Award, ACM UIST
2019 Best Paper Award, ACM UIST
2017 STIC Grant: Augmented Reality for Physical Modeling and Design
2015 Land of Ideas Award, Federation of German Industries
2014 Best Paper Award ACM UIST

Demos and Exhibitions

ACM UIST'19 Photo-Chromeleon
ACM UIST'18 ShapeMe & Interactive Tangrami
ACM UIST'16 Stretchis
ACM PERDIS'15 PrintScreen
CeBIT '15 "Embodied Interaction"
ACM UIST'14 Printscreen

Workshops, Seminars, Summer Schools

2020 Organizer of ACM CHI Workshop on color-changing materials
2018 Organizer of a workshop on "Rapid Prototying with Interactive Materials", Fab14, Toulouse
2017 Participant at Summer School on "Computational Fabrication and Smart Matter", MIT
2015 Tutor at "Workshop on Printed Electronics", Saarland Unversity

Invited Talks

2019 Host: Prof. Robert D. Howe, Harvard Biorobotics Lab
2019 MIT-nano Symposium, Color-Changing Materials
2018 Fab14 Paris, Science&Research Panel, Interactive Materials with Printed Electronics
2014 Schloss Dagstuhl, Science Journalism Workshop, PrintScreen

Co-Advised Master's Thesis

Paolo Boni [paper in preparation]
Sabina Chen [paper in preparation]
Daniela A. Zaidenberg [paper in preparation]
Aradhana Adhikari [6], Outstanding Research Award
Jackson Snowden [8]
Carlos Castillo Lozada [8]
Cattalyya Neungsigkapian [paper in preparation]
Alexey Kashapov [paper in preparation]
Niels Mourette


2020 Engineering Interactive Technologies (Co-Instructor), MIT CSAIL
WS 2017 Digital Fabrication (Co-Instructor), Universite Paris-Sud
WS 2017 Introduction to Computer Graphics (TA), Universite Paris-Sud


[9] Junyi Zhu, Yunyi Zhu, Jiaming Cui, Leon Cheng, Jackson C Snowden, Mark Chounlakone, Michael Wessely, Stefanie Mueller.
MorphSensor: An Electronic Design Tool for Reforming Sensor Modules.
UIST 2020, 10 Pages
[8] Michael Wessely, Ticha Sethapakdi, Carlos Castillo, Jackson C Snowden, Ollie Hanton, Isabel Qamar, Mike Fraser, Anne Roudaut, Stefanie Mueller.
Sprayable User Interfaces: Prototyping Large-Scale Interactive Surfaces with Sensors and Displays.
CHI 2020, 10 Pages
[7] Ollie Hanton, Michael Wessely, Stefanie Mueller, Mike Fraser, Anne Roudaut.
ProtoSpray: Combining 3D Printing and Spraying to Create Objects with Interactive Displays.
CHI 2020, 10 Pages, Best Paper Honorable Mention
[6] Yuhua Jin*, Isabel Qamar*, Michael Wessely*, Aradhana Adhikari, Katarina Bulovic, Parinya Punpongsanon, Stefanie Mueller. [* shared first authors]
Photo-Chromeleon: Re-Programmable Multi-Color Textures Using Photochromic Dyes
UIST 2019, 10 Pages, Best Paper Award
[PDF] [ACM] [Video]
[5] Michael Wessely, Theophanis Tsandilas, and Wendy E. Mackay
Shape-Aware Material: Interactive Fabrication with ShapeMe
UIST 2018, 10 Pages
[PDF] [ACM] [Video]
[4] Michal Piovarči, Michael Wessely, Michał Jagielski, Marc Alexa, Wojciech Matusik, Piotr Didyk
Design and analysis of directional front projection screens
Computers & Graphics, Volume 74, 2018,12 pages
[PDF] [Video]
[3] Michal Piovarči, Michael Wessely, Michał Jagielski, Marc Alexa, Wojciech Matusik, and Piotr Didyk
Directional screens
ACM Symposium on Computational Fabrication (SCF '17), 10 pages
[PDF] [ACM] [Video]
[2] Michael Wessely, Theophanis Tsandilas, and Wendy E. Mackay
Stretchis: Fabricating Highly Stretchable User Interfaces
UIST '16, 7 pages
[PDF] [ACM] [Video] [Poster]
[1] Simon Olberding, Michael Wessely, and Jürgen Steimle
PrintScreen: fabricating highly customizable thin-film touch-displays
UIST '14, 10 pages, Best Paper Award
[PDF] [ACM] [Video]

Demos, Workshops and Magazine Articles

Michael Wessely, Nadiya Morenko, Jürgen Steimle, Michael Schmitz
Interactive Tangrami: Rapid Prototyping with Modular Paper-folded Electronics
UIST 2018, 2 pages
[PDF] [ACM] [Video]

J. Li, M. Wessely, S. Follmer and S. Mueller,
Summer School for Computational Fabrication and Smart Matter
IEEE Pervasive Computing, vol. 16, no. 4, pp. 50-53, October-December 2017.

Jürgen Steimle, Simon Olberding, Michael Wessely
Digitale Fabrikation von flexiblen Displays und Touch-Oberflächen
Mensch&Computer Workshopband 2014: 19-20